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How to Bypass Internet Censorship WorldWide

Restriction and censorship in a free world do not just work. It’s not a good thing at all. Many people do not feel comfortable to bypass internet censorship. But that is what is happening on the Internet right underneath our noses. Statistics from the Freedom House’s Freedom on the Net Report showed that the freedom allowed on the Internet continued to drop for the fifth consecutive year, and even more of surveillance and crackdowns on privacy tools was reported. More and more public information continues to be censored.

Bypass Internet Censorship
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The act of Internet censorship is different in each country around the world. North American users and most of the Europe are usually free to do what they like and can view what they want on the Internet without any censorship. Australians also enjoy the same freedom to an extent. However, even after all this freedom, reports that the US National Security Agency initiated a massive

However, even after all this freedom, reports that the US National Security Agency initiated a massive surveillance system program on its citizens is alarming. The report and revelations courtesy of Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the NSA, who stole the documents before he fled his country, show that the NSA has probably been spying on the American people since 9/11.

But when it comes to censorship there are worse off countries. China, Russia the Middle East and Africa are some of the top ranking countries that censor information on the Internet. China actually came in as the worst offender of Internet freedom in 2015. If they are suspected of doing online activities that are prohibited, Chinese authorities can be harassed or imprisoned.

Internet Censorship Implementation

There are many ways that governments now implement their censorship and surveillance. VPNs are usually good in such cases, though. It won’t necessarily be a help with country politics but is definitely good when it comes to bypass geo restrictions that are put. Some of the methods that censorship can be achieved are through:

  • Blocking of IP addresses: this is the equivalent of phone numbers for computers, or simply put it’s the address of your laptop or computer as you browse the Internet. It’s unique just as an address is and is specific. It shows the country you are coming from, the physical location of the user and also the Internet Service Provider. Governments can block IP addresses of certain web servers making it easier for them to censor that content. This is where VPNs like ExpressVPN come in. They mask the IP address and make it look like you are connecting from a different country.
  • URL filtering: governments can block the Uniform Resource Locator for some of the restricted words. Such censorship is easy to bypass through the use of a simple VPN.
  • DNS Filtering: every domain name on the Internet actually has a domain name system. This is how they get resolved to IP addresses. This is another method governments can sensor data, by simply making all DNS servers in their countries inaccessible to certain domain names. VPNs can also be used in such cases though they are not always successful.

Bypass Internet Censorship with ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has the features of every normal VPN plus much more. It allows you to have a different IP address other than that one that is provided by your Internet Service Provider. These IP addresses are most of the times located outside countries with geo restrictions. In a way, you can say VPNs give you a different identity other than what you have. This is helpful in many ways because it helps with:

  • Online anonymity: different IP addresses means that when it comes to tracing anything back to you, it’s impossible. ExpressVPN has many servers in six different countries at the moment some which include the US, the UK, and the Netherlands. This means when you connect to ExpressVPN you can act like you are in one of these countries. It makes it hard for anyone to trace you back because to the outside world you are coming from the country that you have chosen from the server section. No-one can know who you are.
  • Geo-blocking: governments can censor content by simply blocking all addresses which are assigned to their respective countries. ExpressVPN can work here as well. When activated it makes it look like the connection and requests to the Internet are all emanating from a different country.
  • Online monitoring: surveillance while surfing is one of the evils of the modern day world. But there are ways to prevent even that. ExpressVPN is here for you to bypass internet censorship arround the globe.

The art to bypass internet censorship should not be something that should be happening at all. Global Web Index statistics show that 27 percent of adults have used VPN or proxy service in the year 2014. So if you do decide to use the feature, you are definitely alone.

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