How to Bypass Internet Censorship in Europe Guaranteed

Bypass Internet Censorship in EuropeModern technology and its advancements have been so rapid this day that the following everything is nearly impossible. The growth of the Internet alone in the previous decade or so has been hugely massive that keeping up with it would be a burden on anyone who tries to. The Internet has come, and connected people via the web, and in some ways has given people a voice that they never had before. A voice that can be heard across any border, by anyone and through almost anything this day.

Thanks to the Internet I can get what happens in Manchester, at Manchester United Football Club (my favorite football club by the way), in seconds. The speed of connecting and getting news which once took days to receive has been cut short. But what happens when a government, business, or corporation decides to break the chain and remove some of the content people are entitled to from the Internet? Then the problems begin, and something has to be done. Fortunately, there are ways to bypass internet censorship in Europe this day.

What is Internet Censorship?

This is the act of controlling and manipulating what Internet viewers and consumers get to view, share and post on the Internet. This is one of the common problems in restrictive regimes this day as most people don’t like being told what to do. This kind of censorships range from types to types, generally starting from parents who maybe don’t want their children to be corrupted by bad elements on the Internet, some schools also implement Internet censorships on their campuses, and the most common one is government censorship.

One study showed that there is something that is limited, filtered, or restricted in most of the countries in the world at the moment. There are many reasons for countries to sabotage and stop Internet connection. To fight off hackers, (which is a noble reason actually), to stop citizens from organizing demonstrations, and to stop what they call propaganda videos or networks from other countries or groups.

Many of the governments or schools use the URL Blocking method to block certain Internet content. Keyword filtering can also be used together with blocking standard ports for proxy servers.

Circumventing Web Restrictions in Europe

The Internet gives people another voice, and any restrictions on it is a violation of a basic human right. And if the government won’t give you back your right sometimes just taking it is needed. So how can you bypass these restrictions and get on with your life? Well, you are at the right place.

  • Non-censoring Proxy server – proxy servers are an intermediary between the computer and the web. Through the use of proxy servers, watchful eyes are deceived as they can’t see when the computer connects to the restricted website. In their eyes, it’s the Proxy server which is receiving the requests. They do have their problems, The standard ports, (80, 1080, and 8080) can easily be blocked. In such cases, servers on ports such as 8000 or 6588 are needed. There are various lists of best proxy servers to use on the Internet.
  • DNS Server – if by any chance the restriction is at the DNS level, then a simple change of the DNS server is required. On the Windows operating system, the server can be changed by going to control panel, clicking on the Network and Internet function. After that, you can choose one DNS server on the TCP/IPv4 window. Or you can simply choose third party services which make it easier for use.
  • Virtual Private Network – probably one of people’s best. The most common method used to bypass any restrictions people face on the Internet. And it does have its advantages. All communication on VPNs is encrypted and cannot be seen by the government at all. Governments have not been able to contain VPNs because of their use commercially. Many free VPNs are available on the Internet, which does a half decent job, but as we all know quality costs money.
  • Tor Network – the anonymous browsing network commonly used by hackers. It is safe from any watchful eyes. It is entirely safe, protects your data. All communication here is highly encrypted. The network also works in almost every area. However, it is slow when browsing.

There are many countries in Europe which are restricting access to some normal Internet functions now, and not many people are happy about it. Even some so-called modern and developed countries also implement censorship. Countries such as Turkey, Russia, Belarus, and Moldova have all implemented some restrictions of some sort on the Internet. And these ways are the best to tackle that.

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