August 5, 2016 Box Cloud Storage Review

Box Cloud Storage Review

Many commentators in the industry believe that Box cloud storage service is of the best services that are available in the market. However, others opine that Box is unique because of some factors. In this Box cloud storage review, I seek to look at both sides of the arguments by commenting on the most common features of the service.

Box Cloud Storage Review


  • Box has a user interface that is easy to use.
  • Box sits the needs of business organizations.
  • It is easy to upload or download files when using the service


  • The price of the service is prohibitive to individuals and small organizations.
  • The storage space of the service is very low when you compare it to that of the other cloud storage services that are in the market.

Full Box Cloud Storage Review


Box lets you organize all your files into specific folders. It also enables you to share your files and folders with specific people. When you share your files and folders, you can work on a document with different people in real time. You are also able to access a file on different devices at any given time. These features are common in any cloud storage service. Therefore, we cannot use them to rate how good Box is. However, one thing that defines Box is that you can upload your files and folders on it very fast.


Box is not your ordinary cloud storage service. The company designed it with the needs of business organizations in mind. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it all. You can choose the personal plan under which you will pay about $10 per month. You will then be able to access up to 100 GB of storage space. You may also choose the business plan of the service. If you choose the business plan, you will have to pay an average price of $5 per user and get 100GB space for storage for every user.

Box Cloud Storage Price

Disk Storage

The amount of space that you will get when you choose to use Box is not significant enough when you compare it with what you get from its rivals. However, you can access more space by buying one of the different plans of the service. You also control your storage space by choosing the files that you want to save on the cloud. You can also keep copies of your files on your drive.

Box Backup Solution

In our opinion, Box provides a perfect solution to anyone who wishes to backup files. You can keep a copy of the files that you store in the cloud. If you do this, you will keep a copy of all your files on you disk. However, you will be able to access and use the files that you would have stored in the cloud at any time that you use the service.

Web App

The desktop app has all the features that you may need. However, we find that it is slightly difficult for users to navigate through the site. The company should prioritize the need to redesign its website and make the site very friendly and clean.


Box Cloud Storage Compatibility

You can use Box on any device. If you are using a device that runs on any version of Windows, you can comfortably use Box to store your files, share the files and do all the other things that you may wish to do using Box. I think that as much as cross-platform compatibility is now an industry standard in cloud computing; you need to note that the way Box is compatible with different devices is one of its defining characteristics.


Box works in collaboration with NSA to secure the safety of its users. Many cloud storage services are in this arrangement with the NSA. But an important issue that we think you should note is that Box does not encrypt the data that you send. The company encrypts only the files which you store on its cloud and make sure that no one who is not authorized can access them.

Customer Support

Box has a relatively good customer support system in place. The customer support agents of the company are always ready and willing to help. However, you may have to exhaust all the options that the company has made available in the form of its FAQs and other materials. The company has provided FAQs and other materials on its website as a way of helping you to get the help that you may need very fast.

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