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Blockless Review

Blockless Review

Blockless smart DNS is one of the recent entrants into the smart DNS market. In this Blockless review, we evaluate this service regarding its features, performance and pricing, among other things. We attempt to compare it with other smart DNS services that are in the market.

Blockless Review


  • Blockless smart DNS performs relatively well regarding speed.
  • The pricing plans of Blockless are relatively cheap when compared to other similar services in the market.
  • It is easy to access this service and manage your account using its web app and website.


  • The customer support service does not operate on a 24/7 basis as you would expect.
  • The customer support team fails to give accurate and useful information at times.

Full Blockless Review


Blockless allows you to access media content from anywhere. The providers of media content do impose restrictions on their content. Because of the restrictions, you can only access the content when you are in specific regions. When you move out of the regions that the providers allow users to access their content, you will not access the content. The problem is that if you travel to a different area, you may not access your online media content. Blockless, like any other smart DNS service, allows you to overcome this challenge. The service fools the servers of companies that stream media so that the servers believe that you are in a different location.

Pricing Plans for Blockless

We find the pricing plans for Blockless relatively cheap and convenient to anyone. You can choose from three plans. For example, you may decide to pay for the service on a monthly basis. If you choose the monthly plan, you will have to part with $4.95 for every month. If you choose the six-month plan, you will get a small discount and end up paying $27.25 for the six months. The yearly plan for the service will cost you $49.95.

Blockless Price


For Blockless to help you access video content from anywhere and without restrictions, the company uses very powerful servers. These servers reroute your IP address and communicate with the servers of companies which stream online media content. We do not find anything unusual about the number and nature of the servers that Blockless uses. We think that the service uses servers which are the standard in the industry.


One benefit that you get when you choose to use smart DNS as opposed to traditional VPN service is that smart DNS service does not encrypt your data. All VPNs encrypt your data because they hide your identity completely and make you anonymous. However, Smart DNS services do not hide your identity; they only change your location. Therefore, Blockless, like any other smart DNS service, does not encrypt your data.

Web App

Blockless has an excellent web app for different types of devices. We believe that you will enjoy using the app at all times. The service has developed the app in such a manner that you can use it when you are using the Google Chrome browser as well. You can also use the app on any mobile device. You will be able to carry out all the important functions related to your account when you use the app.


Blockless is compatible with a wide variety of devices. You can use the service on any device that runs on any operating system. Therefore, whether your device runs on Windows or iOS, you can comfortably use this service on the device. You should remember that Smart DNS service is not software. Because the service is not software, it is easy for you to use it on any device without worrying about whether the service will be compatible with your device or not.

Blockless Compatibility

Payment Options

You can pay for the Blockless service using any method that is appropriate for you. In practice, you will have to pay for the service after you have decided to purchase it. You can cancel the free trial period which the company gives you for seven days and purchase any of the three plans of the service. You can pay for your plan using your credit card or any of the many methods that the company accepts.

Customer Support

Blockless claims that its customer service team operates on a 24/7 basis. However, we find that many companies that run smart DNS services make this claim. The truth of the matter is that many of these services do not have customer support teams that operate on a 24/7 basis.

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