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BitDefender Antivirus Review

BitDefender Antivirus review

BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2016 is the newest version of this antivirus program. According to the company behind this product, the new version is easy to install, runs on your device fast and uses very little resources when performing the most complicated tasks on your device. In this BitDefender Antivirus review, we look at the specific features of BitDefender and compare them with those of its rivals in the market.

BitDefender Antivirus review


  • The 2016 version is a great improvement on the earlier versions in terms of overall performance.
  • BitDefender has various pricing plans that cater for different needs of clients.
  • It detects and neutralizes all standard and current types of malware threats.


  • At times, the company keeps on sending promotional messages to users to upgrade to better pricing plans.

Full BitDefender Antivirus Review


BitDefender Antivirus has several important features that define its functionality and capabilities.  For example, it has an in-built firewall that protects users against common malware attacks. Also, the program continuously scans different websites and prevents clients from accessing spoofed sites. The browser extensions of the program protect you from phishing attacks as well as advertisement-related malware.

Like any other standard antivirus program, you can scan your entire system from time to time to ensure that you are malware-free. Interestingly, the program automatically carries out a comprehensive root scan of your system every time you install a new application.

Therefore, BitDefender protects you against viruses, worms, spyware and other forms of malware.


You can choose from the four different pricing plans. The plans differ in terms of the number of computers supported and the costs. The first plan, which is for a single computer, costs $39.95 per year. The second plan covers three computers and costs $49.95 for one year. The third plan costs $79.965 per year and covers five computers. The most expensive pricing plan for this antivirus program costs $139.95 and covers 10 computers for one year.

Compared to similar antivirus programs, we find that the prices of BitDefender are very competitive.


BitDefender secures your system from all the security threats that you face. You can monitor your security level by checking the color of the security bar. When the color changes from green to yellow, it means that you need to check a few things about your overall level of security. A red color means that you are facing a real security threat.


BitDefender uses minimal resources when running on your system. Compared to other antivirus programs, we find that BitDefender does not throttle your internet speeds. Also, the program does not limit your processor speed. Therefore, you can use your BitDefender – protected computer to do very complicated tasks without experiencing delays.

Web App

The website of BitDefender is highly visual. With minimal text, the website appeals to clients very easily. Besides, all the basic features of the program are placed at strategic locations on the website. You can access your settings and other features of the program quite fast when on the website.


BitDefender is compatible with all the standard operating systems.

Payment Options

You can pay for your BitDefender plan using any type of credit card or even using an online wallet account.

Customer Support

You can get a lot of information about most of the technical issues from the FAQs section of the website. However, for complicated issues, you can contact the client support team of the service.

We tried to contact the customer support team with a hypothetical problem about renewing a subscription for a single computer whereas the previous plan had covered two computers. It took a very short time for the team to figure out the problem and direct us to the right product.

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