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Find out the 5 best WhatsApp Alternatives

best WhatsApp Alternatives
best WhatsApp Alternatives
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Internet use is at the forefront of all things nowadays that overlooking is a grave mistake. Almost every company in the world now is using The Internet a certain capacity. And the development has not only stopped at Internet companies. Every person in the world is in some way, whether directly or indirectly is affected by actions on the Internet.

With the continuous rise in Internet usage, some clever and intelligent decided to capitalize on it and make some inventions that could help people better connect with themselves. This situation saw the introduction of social media network sites that helped us connect better and easier with family, friends and lost colleagues. Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter came in and changed the landscape.

Another area that was massively changed thanks to the introduction of Internet in our lives is in the Department of messaging apps. Before the use of Internet on our phones, people used emails and SMS to communicate if there was a message that needed to be delivered on time. Up came Jan Koum and his friend Brian Acton, both former Yahoo employees came in and created WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is messaging application that uses The Internet to send messages to a user’s contacts. Messages can be in the form of videos, text, voice clips or even links. The app revolutionized the way people sent messages and connected with their family and friends much like what Facebook did. The world well received the idea of WhatsApp, and it is reported that as of February 2016, WhatsApp has an active user base of 1 billion.

But with each technological advancement, there are some detractors who don’t feel like joining in with the progress of the world. WhatsApp’s creation meant that their people started sending each other private information and put trust in the app, something which is commendable. The app has also put methods and measures to ensure privacy and security for users as they connect to each other via the messaging platform.

However for those who feel like WhatsApp may not be doing enough to keep their data and private information safe, (something which is in fathomable to me especially since WhatsApp just recently launched end-to-end encryption), there are some apps on the market which provide just about the same service as WhatsApp and also have their good security features.

Five Good WhatsApp Alternatives


WhatsApp Alternatives TelegramTelegram One of the apps to begin with the end-to-end encryption that WhatsApp just recently launched though unlike for WhatsApp the feature is not default as users have to switch on the feature. The app is also rapidly growing and as recent as May 13, they announced that they had just reached 2 billion messages a day. The app is free, which is good, and it is entirely ad-free just like WhatsApp. It is also available on almost every platform of the operating system which includes, Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and the Windows phone. It also allows synchronization of all communications on the various devices you might have joined on.


WhatsApp Alternatives ThreemaIf you want secure messaging, then Threema is the app. This is even echoed in their motto which is ‘seriously secure messaging’. They also provide end-to-end encryption just as much as the next messaging app and have high security and privacy insurance. Easy synchronization pf contacts and also sending of links and files. The app is available on the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platform. It has its servers located in Switzerland which helps it capitalize on the modernity of the European culture.


WhatsApp Alternatives WickrWickr also has a security related motto which reads, ‘the most trusted messenger in the world.’ After signing up, users are given a unique Wickr ID, and because of it being personal and unique can’t be penetrated. It is free to download for all and is available on the Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux platform. There is no collection of user data which makes it easier to keep your documents safe, and it also uses 4,096 bit RSA encryption. This is one of the most advanced security protocols available on the market at the moment.

Hike Messenger

WhatsApp Alternatives HikeHike by a huge margin is the leader in the messaging market in India. It has around 35 million users who send close to 10 billion messages every month. It is free to download for all users who wish to use it and gives its users a chance to make free calls over the Internet with some high quality. If a user is offline, you can get a free SMS, and group chats created can have up to 500 members. The app is based in Bangalore and Delhi, and it has managed to scale heights and go international.

Surespot Encrypted Messenger

WhatsApp Alternatives Surespot Encrypted MessengerThis is an open source application which is offered to the general public. It’s available on the Android Google Play Store and the Apple Store. Donations are encouraged to help the app going and for those who want to send audio messages they have to fork out $1.99.


These are not the only apps on the market which can be used in place of WhatsApp. There are some eye-catching apps out there which have security and privacy at the forefront and as their sole focus. It’s best to look at everything and compare and contrast if you want to change from WhatsApp to another app, or you are just a beginner in the use of the message apps.

But all that said and done you also have to think about which of the apps has more of your friends since the whole purpose is to communicate with most of the people as you wish to.

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