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Good VPN to Use With Popcorn Time

Good VPN to Use With Popcorn Time

As many are already aware, Popcorn Time is a streaming service very similar to the most popular online streaming service called Netflix. However, unlike Netflix, Popcorn Time allows its users to watch their favorite movies and shows for free through the use of BitTorrent protocol. For that reason, it received pretty big media coverage, even though it’s a bit controversial.

Popcorn Time provides access to everything related to the entertainment industry, including your favorite movie, the latest TV shows and so on. You can watch every episode in HD, and all you need to do is download and run this streaming service. Popcorn Time simply downloads the torrent in the background, while it provides you with the real-time streaming.

Is It Safe?

“How safe is it” is probably going to be your first question, and that’s the tricky part of this deal. Some people would simply go ahead and start the streaming, but for those of you who are worried about their online privacy and, more importantly, online security, the truth is that there are some risks. Popcorn Time itself warns its users on the website that their might be at risk since the streaming is based on BitTorrent protocol, which is illegal in some countries. If your country has banned BitTorrent, chances are that you might get in trouble, since that means that it’s illegal.

There are many countries that have decided that this method of streaming is illegal, for example, the UK, Belgium, Germany and even Australia. Those and many other countries have ordered blocking of the streaming service, and their ISPs have to follow that rule.

Can It Still Be Used?

Of course, it can still be accessed to, but you’ll need to unblock it first. There are two ways to safely and anonymously access the streaming service, and those include the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or your other choice, the Proxy service.

Popcorn Time Through A VPN

If you are located in a country or a region that has a firm grasp on its citizens’ online activities, then you should probably start using a VPN immediately.

VPN will do a lot of things for you, but what’s important here is that it will provide you with a new IP address that will help you stay hidden from the prying eyes. It’s true, it might slow your speed a bit, but the reduced Internet speed is a reasonable cost for complete online freedom. Some of the VPNs that we’d recommend are PIA (Private Internet Access) and ExpressVPN. They all offer their own packages, features and alike, so go there and pick which one you like best

Popcorn Time Through A Proxy

For those who aren’t interested in a VPN, there’s always a Proxy service as a reasonable alternative. The way they work is pretty similar to VPNs, for example, much like a VPN, a Proxy also positions itself between your computer and the Internet. It masks your IP address after you successfully connect, and your identity is once again safe.

The difference is, a proxy won’t encrypt your online data, it won’t create that secure tunnel for you Internet flow that the VPN creates, and that is some serious shortcoming when it comes to proxies. When using a VPN, even though your government would be able to tell that you’re using it, their knowledge would end there. On the other hand, when using a Proxy, after they start inspecting you, they’ll even know where you went and what you did. That’s the point, and the biggest difference, and the reason why we recommend a VPN instead of a Proxy Service.

Where Can You Use Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time has a great device compatibility, and it’s accessible on Mac, Windows (especially easy with W7 or above), Linux (two versions, depending on the Linux OS you have), Android (you need Android 4.0.3 or above) and even iOS (again, 7 or above).

Improve The Streaming With VPN

Not only do VPNs hide your location, encrypt your data and allow you to access the previously inaccessible parts of the Internet, they can also help you improve the streaming. Streaming speeds will still depend heavily on your own Internet speed, so don’t expect it to be better than it can be. You can achieve this rather easily, but there’s a trick to it.

When you use a VPN, it connects you to one of the servers that the VPN provider has. These servers are often placed all around the world, in many cities of many countries. So, if you wish to watch Popcorn Time through a VPN because your region has banned it, you must connect to a server from another region, one that doesn’t forbid the use of streaming services. This WILL slow your Internet speed, but the question is how much. Depending on the geography, your speed might decrease a bit or a lot. To get the best of it, you should always choose the server in the nearest possible region from which you can legally use Popcorn Time.

Are Free VPN Services Good?

While you’re looking for your new VPN, pay attention and see if they’re offering a free deal. A free service might be tempting, after all, who can afford another thing to pay every month, but you must resist them because they’re pretty much no good at all. Free services will never be able to offer you the same benefits and level of protection that a premium service will.

There’ll be many drawbacks if you try to use a free VPN, and those include a weak security, very limited server options, your DNS or IP might leak, they might even log and sell your browsing history and internet activities. There’s also a poor customer support that you won’t be able to depend upon.

With all of this in mind, we definitely recommend you use a premium account and put all of those worries behind you. Popcorn Time is one of the most popular streaming services, and you can use it anytime to find all of the movies and TV shows you want, without the troubles and dangers of searching for malware-free torrents.

The trouble might find you if you’re located somewhere where its use is banned by law, but, as we’ve just explained, there are several different ways to go around that restriction, and hopefully, this guide will be useful to you.

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