February 22, 2017 Best Linux VPNs

Best Linux VPNs – Find Out the Best for Your Machine in the Year 2017

Linux is the most secure of all the operating systems. It does not have as huge a customer base as Windows, but it is much more efficient and secure than Windows and Mac OS X. Linux comes in different distros and most of them are free and open source. Those concerned about their privacy tend to go for Linux as it is secure and does not share personal data with its servers. But, to make sure that your personal data and identity is absolutely confidential, you should use the best Linux VPNs on your Linux machine.

Best Linux VPNs
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  1. AirVPN

If privacy is your requirement, then AirVPN is the best choice for your Linux machine. While most other VPNs have a command-line operable VPN client for Linux, AirVPN has a proper GUI client for Linux which offers all the perks that Windows and Mac users get from VPNs, like internet kill switch, selecting a particular port, DNS leak protection, etc. Although AirVPN does not offer a lot of servers, it does offers strong OpenVPN encryption and high-speed servers.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN has been a popular VPN for Windows and Mac users for a long time, and it has recently released a Linux client as well. Although it is not a full GUI client like AirVPN and uses a command-line interface for operation, it beats downloading, configuring, and managing the files for configuration for each server on your Linux machine.

Although it is usually on the expensive side, ExpressVPN is now offering a bonus 3 months of service with their annual package. The server count under ExpressVPN is matched only by few others, and connection speeds are good on a constant basis.

  1. Mullvad

Mullvad is another VPN service that offers a full GUI client for Linux users. It absolutely respects user privacy as it uses a robust encryption and records no logs at all. Mullvad offers an internet kill switch, IP and DNS leak protection, as well as IPv6 routing. With three simultaneous connections and port forwarding, it makes up for one of the best Linux VPNs, despite its limited server count.

  1. Buffered

Buffered supports most of the Linux distros and is a good choice for a Linux VPN. The client allows users to search for open ports on networks that are protected by passwords which help one bypass login pages. Buffered offers high-speed servers and does not record any logs. It has a 30-day money back guarantee as well.

  1. PIA

The fact that PIA is number fifth on this list signifies its fall from grace. But it is still a top VPN service. PIA has suffered due to some technical issues and a lacklustre customer service. However, when it comes to privacy and protection, it still packs a punch. Its strong OpenVPN AES 256-bit encryption provides good protection, it allows 5 simultaneous connections, and despite being in the USA, does not record any sort of logs. Also, it is still one of the cheapest priced VPNs.


We talked about the best Linux VPNs in this blog. As mentioned earlier, Linux is the most secure operating system, and the best for those concerned about their privacy. Since this OS is so good for privacy protection, it is well supported by most VPN vendors. Nevertheless, not all are as good as some, and the ones discussed above.


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