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Best Free VPN for Netflix – 4 Best VPNs for Your Needs

Best Free VPN for Netflix

If you live outside the United States, you will not be able to access all the content that Netflix offers. Those living in the United States enjoy at least 5,000 shows. The rest of the world, however, has far fewer than this figure. For this reason, people go for best free VPN for Netflix which help mask their IP addresses.

Best Free VPN for Netflix
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This way, Netflix servers cannot know where they are watching their content from. Although Netflix has managed to block most of the VPN servers from accessing its content, you can still beat the network at its own game.

Four Best Free VPN for Netflix

Here, we show you how to continue enjoying Netflix using a VPN server way from the United States. Here is our list of the best free VPN for Netflix.

  1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN ReviewFor this VPN, you need to pay for the premium version in order to enjoy everything. It works on most operating systems and devices. They devices include PlayStation 4, Apple TV, iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows OS, and Smart TVs. The ExpressVPN costs $99.95 for 12 months. This package also gives you three free months.

The total for that sum of money is thus 15 months. Most people agree that this VPN is among the most reliable at the moment. While it is not a guarantee that ExpressVPN will work forever, it is a free VPN for Netflix that actually works. The free version of the VPN is also reliable although you will need the premium version to enjoy all features.

  1. KeeNow

KeeNowIf you are skeptical about spending more on your time watching Netflix content, you need one of the best free VPN for Netflix. The only downside with this VPN is that it restricts its use to the Google Chrome browser. For those already aware, the Google Chrome browser restricts the use of Netflix to a paltry 720 pixels. Couple that with regional restrictions and you suffer a lot.

However, you can now harness the power of KeeNow to enjoy lots of content. In our reviews, KeeNow is the top VPN for Netflix as it is both free and very reliable. It is not every day that you find a free service that is also reliable. As long as you are okay with using Google Chrome, this is your best bet.

  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot ShieldAnother free VPN service that remains resilient to the efforts of Netflix is Hotspot Shield. Lucky for you, one of the best free VPN for Netflix does not restrict you to using just the Google Chrome. You are free to use Netflix on Google Chrome, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Windows and MacOS. What makes Hotspot Shield one of the best free VPN for Netflix is that it is among the easiest to set up.

The platforms that run this VPN require a few clicks to be ready to work. Also, it runs on a wide array of platforms which makes it diverse. You also get to use various locations for your Netflix viewership (most will go for the USA).

  1. NordVPN

nordvpn reviewNordVPN works on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS which are the currently the major operating systems. However, NordVPN is not purely free, unlike the above VPN networks. However, NordVPN makes it to our list due to being dynamic. The level of dynamism comes about due to the updating of its servers.

This way, Netflix can never shut down NordVPN servers for too long. In this one, you have one of the top VPN networks as you will never be off for too long. Also, the price you pay for this VPN is almost negligible. For most people, $8 a month is a reasonable price for the content they are able to access. In this VPN you get one of the top VPN for Netflix.


This list was created after long periods of trying out many servers. Most of the VPN networks and proxies users employed for this purpose no longer work. This was after a widespread crackdown on scrupulous proxies and VPN networks by Netflix.

Of the four VPNs listed here, only one may still be working come next year. This is because NordVPN has taken a stand against the restrictions that Netflix employs. To stand its ground, it has always endeavored to change its servers each time Netflix blocks them. The other free servers may only work for a while before joining the list of the banned servers. If you can pay a measly $8 a month, you will be on the safe side and enjoy your content.

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