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7 Best Free Proxy Servers for Unblocking Websites

Proxy servers are some of the best alternatives you can use to unblock websites. Compared to the other options of using VPNs or Smart DNS services, proxy servers are better because they are less complicated. A VPN will give you advanced levels of security and anonymity. To do this, it will have to encrypt and tunnel your data through secure ways. However, a proxy server works in a straightforward manner: it contacts a blocked website on your behalf. Therefore, if the network administrator at your school or workplace blocks social media sites, you can overcome the restrictions by using a proxy server. Here are some of the best free proxy servers that you can use to unblock websites:

  1. Unblocker.us

Unblocker.us is one of the best free proxy servers that you can use to unblock websites. The free web proxy server works in a simple manner. You only have to type into the empty bar on the site the URL of the website you would like to visit. The server then contacts the service on your behalf and displays the results of the website for you. The server hides your IP address so that the servers of the site that you intend to visit cannot tell your exact location and identity. Therefore, by masking your IP address, Unblocker.us helps you to overcome restrictions and unblock websites.

  1. Newipnow.com

Newipnow.com is another common web proxy server that you can use for free. Since the service is free of charge, you will have to bear with the advertisements when you are using the service. The company running the site relies on advertisements to keep the site up and running. Nevertheless, you can rely on Newipnow.com to unblock several websites. All you have to do is choose from a long list of URLs on the website of the server. The list covers all the common websites that you may want to unblock. You may still type the URL of any other website you wish to unblock.

  1. Filterbypass.me

Filterbypass.me is another popular free web proxy server. Several features of this site make it one of the best free proxy servers for unblocking websites. For example, although it has adverts like any other free web proxy server, the adverts are minimal. Moreover, the site does not carry some specific types of advertisements that users may find offensive. Second, the site has an attractive interface that any person finds attractive. Hence, it is quite easy to use the service to bypass restrictions on websites.

  1. Proxysite.com

One of the most attractive features of this site is that you can change the settings related to your privacy. For example, you can use the settings of the service to manage cookies as well as how the data is encrypted. Therefore, when you use Proxysite.com, you remain in charge of your personal security and privacy. Also, Proxysite.com does not have popup advertisements. Many users consider popup advertisements quite annoying.

  1. Unblockmyweb.com

One of the best ways you can use to manage the adverts on free web proxy servers is to use ad blocking software. In this case, you can use ad blockers to control advertisements when you are using Unblockmyweb.com to access websites. When you block the advertisements, Unblockmyweb.com, like any other free proxy server, is a wonderful tool that you can use to unblock websites.

  1. Anonymous.org

Anonymous.org is a popular free proxy server that you can use to unblock websites. If you choose to use the site, you will have two alternatives: to use the free service or subscribe to the paid one. The paid service gives you more options. For example, you can only access secure sites when you are on the paid plan. However, if you only wish to unblock basic websites, you may only need to use the free plan of the service. Although you will experience several advertisements, you can rely on this server to successfully unblock websites.

  1. Hidetheinternet.com

You will have to use an effective ad blocker to enjoy the services of this free proxy server. However, compared to the other popular free proxy servers, Hidetheinternet.com is an equally effective service that you can use to unblock websites successfully.

In conclusion, these are some of the best free proxy servers that you can use to unblock websites successfully. Given that the services are free, you will have to cope with advertisements when using any of them. However, you can use an ad blocker to control the advertisements that you see when you are using any of these free web proxy servers.

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