Accidentally Deleted your Data? Here are the Best Free Data Recovery Software

At times, we all suffer from the accidental pressing of the Delete button. Other times, our hard disks and other storage media become infected with malware and render our data unusable. Whatever the reason you have, we have the best free data recovery software the market has to offer for 2017. They are all easy to use and cost nothing but your time.

Best Free Data Recovery Software
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  1. TestDisk

As one of our top data recovery software, TestDisk allows the user to do a lot in data recovery including rebuilding the boot sector and recovering deleted partitions on a hard disk. It is available for Mac and Windows for free.

  1. PhotoRec

A favorite among those with a few coding skills, PhotoRec is capable of recovering just about anything. It works with at least 440 types of files and has a function to unformat a storage medium. Clearly one of the best free data recovery software of the year.

  1. MiniTool Partition Recovery

For the very difficult times when you have lost a whole partition, you need this recovery tool. It works with the major desktop operating systems and has a user-friendly interface.

  1. Undelete 360

Undelete 360 is one of our best data recovery programs as it works seamlessly and costs nothing. It also works on external storage media including flash disks and digital cameras without a hitch.

  1. Puran Recovery

Although Puran works only on the Windows operating, it is worth a try owing to its features. You can customize the types of recovery you need to be done on your storage media and then sit back and wait.

  1. Restoration

Another one of the best free data recovery software for the year is Restoration. Restoration also works on the Windows platforms alone. The best thing about it is that it can be run from a USB stick and doesn’t need installation.

  1. DMDE

DMDE has many levels of scanning your storage media and is also portable. It works flawlessly and recovers files that other programs could not. As one of the top data recovery software, it does an exemplary job.

  1. Disk Drill

Although Disk Drill’s free version only allows for recovery of 500 MB, it is one of the best free data recovery software around. It combines a beautiful interface with lots of great tools for impressive results.

  1. Recuva

Pronounced ‘recover‘, this software does a satisfactory job of recovering deleted files even from formatted storage media. It carries out recovery even on DVDs and other external storage media with good results. It made it to our list also owing to its ease of use.

  1. Pandora Recovery

If you want to recover specific files from a deleted folder or partition, Pandora Recovery is your best bet. It allows you to view deleted files before choosing what to recover.

  1. Wise Data Recovery

For those in need of speed of recovering data, Wise Data Recovery has lots of wisdom in that regard. Various tests have seen this software come out on top in terms of speed and ease of use besides being free.

  1. PC Inspector File Recovery

PC Inspector File Recovery software will work even on damaged sectors of hard drives. It this gets a medal for being hardcore. You can also recover the lost file to network files or the local drive as you please.

  1. Stellar Data Recovery

The Stellar Data Recovery software is among the ones that run on both Mac and Windows operating systems. It recovers many types of recently deleted files including those on external storage media such as flash disks.

  1. Glary Undelete

Glary Undelete is the best solution if you are just starting out to use data recovery software. For the most part, it gives you total control over your data. The only problem noted is the poor interface but it does the job well.

  1. SoftPerfect File Recovery

One of the easiest data recovery software you can get on the market is this one. However, it has very few features which make it only favourable if you need small time data recovery. It does not recover overwritten files, it has no capability to preview the lost files, and it does not show the health of the files. However, it is very easy to use in recovering lost data.

As seen here, all the best free data recovery software has the features one would need to recover their data. Unless you really feel like spending money, the free versions are enough for your data recovery needs.

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Best Free Data Recovery Software

Accidentally Deleted your Data? Here are the Best Free Data Recovery Software