May 5, 2017 Best Cyber Security Schools

Best Cyber Security Schools

If you are looking for a school to hone your cyber security skills, you will be delighted to know that you have many options at your disposal. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has come together with the National Security Agency (NSA) to designate some schools National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance/Cyber Defense (CAE IA/CD). Being in one of these schools will ensure that your career in cyber security takes off on the right footing as they are the best cyber security schools anyone can find.

Best Cyber Security Schools
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Best Cyber Security Schools

Here, we list best cyber security schools you should consider:

Anne Arundel Community College

This college is located in Arnold in Maryland and has on offered many different courses that will make you a solid cyber security expert. Among the certificates one can obtain from this college are the Advanced Network Security Certificate, the Advanced Cyber Forensics Certificate and many others.

Air Force Institute of Technology – Graduate School of Engineering and Management

This institution is located at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio and offers a Master of Science degree coupled with a major in Cyber Operations. This degree gives the learner a solid education in cyber security and thus one of the best schools for cyber security.

Arizona State University

Located in Tempe in Arizona, this institution offers many different courses in cyber security. They are a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, B.S.E in Computer Systems Engineering, up to a PhD in Computer Science.

Bellevue University

The Bellevue University is located in Bellevue in Arizona and offers great courses in cyber security. Offering degrees such as Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Certificate of Completion – Undergraduate, Cybersecurity Certificate of Completion – Graduate, and Master of Science in Cybersecurity, this university will prepare you for the challenging field of cyber security.

Auburn University

This university is located in Auburn in Alabama and offers various courses in cyber security including Information Assurance Minor. With these courses, you can pick a field to focus on in the realm of cyber security to focus on and develop your career.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

Another institution with great quality courses is the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania which offers many different courses in cyber security. One of the courses is the Bachelors in Digital Forensics degree that equips the student with great skills in cyber security.

Bossier Parish Community College

Located in Bossier City in Louisiana, this college offers many courses such as Certificate of Technical Studies in Information Systems Security Professionals and Associate of Applied Science in Cyber Technology (Network Security Concentration). These courses make it one of the best schools for cyber security skills in the United States and beyond.

Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

This Martinsburg, West Virginia college offers very many skills in various courses such as the Information Security Certificate. It has won the respect of the cyber security community owing to the quality of its education as evidenced by the rigorous nature of its students.

Boston University

The Boston University is located in Boston in Massachusetts and has on offered many different courses in cyber security that students can pick from. The courses offered include MS in Computer Engineering Specialization in Cyber Security, Graduate Certificate in Information Security, MS in Computer Information Systems with Concentration in Security and many others.

Brigham Young University-Provo

This Provo, Utah university also offers top notch courses in cyber security that many people will find useful to their cyber security careers. They are the MS in Information Technology emphasis in Cyber Security, the BS in Information Technology emphasis in Cyber Security and many more.

Bowie State University

The Bowie, Maryland university is known for the MS in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Information Assurance (MSIA) which imparts many skills in the learner. This course can be undertaken following a bachelor’s degree in another course and/or university to create a wholesome block of knowledge.

California State University – San Bernardino

This university has one of the most demanded courses in cyber security. It is also located near the Silicon Valley where many technology firms are. This means demand for your skills will be high once you go through this college. Among the courses offered include the B.S. Administration – Information Assurance & Security Management (Cyber Security) Concentration, the B.A. Criminal Justice – Crime Analysis, Technical Proficiency Cyber Security and many more.

It all depends on what areas of cyber security you intend to learn but these are the best cyber security schools (and some more) offer the best learning experience.

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