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5 Best Cyber Security Companies

5 Best Cyber Security Companies

The more the world becomes reliant upon the internet, the riskier it is getting to use it. Each passing day hackers reveal even more lethal ways of hacking into people’s data. To counter that, the given best cyber security companies have come up with ways of dealing with cases of cyber attacks. These companies bring together people with lots of skill and experience to help in the elimination of these threats. They then come up mostly with anti-malware to stop the attacks in their tracks.

5 Best Cyber Security Companies
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5 Best Cyber Security Companies

We endeavored to find out some of these companies and realized just how big and detailed they can get. Here, we focus on just five of the best cyber security companies.


Many people use the Norton antivirus and Internet security software at the moment. What they may not know is that the brainchild of this great software is a company based in Mountain View in California called Symantec. With a value of about $17 billion, Symantec is the largest pure play security firm on the planet.

One only needs to consider the reputation that the Norton antivirus and Internet security command to know how great Symantec is. Besides that, the firm also creates software with a focus on endpoint, cloud and mobile operating systems to keep all parties safe from cyber attacks. Symantec has also heavily invested in research to make it one of the best cyber security companies around.

Check Point Software Technologies Limited

As one of the oldest firms in the cyber security focus, Check Point has gathered a lot of experience dealing with cyber security threats. This firm began its business in 1993 at a time when the internet was still in its infancy. It has grown with the times and changed as per the threats facing companies and individuals alike. With headquarters in both Tel Aviv in Israel and San Carlos in California, Check Point literally has the world covered. It specializes in the creation of firewalls for companies and individuals with great success.


Root9B made it to the headlines when it was named the first one of 500 cyber security companies. It obtained the position for being one of the world’s hottest and most innovative companies in the cybersecurity industry. It also makes to our list of the best cyber security companies owing to the wide nature of services offered.

Among the services and products it offers include consultation services, advanced cyber security training programs, cyber security products, and test range operations. All these products and services are meant to provide a secure business environment for the benefit of government and commercial enterprises. In terms of market capitalization, it is one of the biggest and is growing fast.


On our list of the best cyber security companies is Rapid7. Based in Boston Miami, this company is impressive both as a cyber security firm and as a place to work for. It provides various solutions to the threats of cyber security such as application security, data analytics, SIEM, vulnerability management, penetration testing, IT operations, security advisory services, managed services and many others. The main focus of Rapid7 is the transformation of data into insight.

It achieves this feat through carrying out analysis of large volumes of data to make sense of it. This is one of the firms that harness big data for pinpointing the threats eminent to a firm. Rapid7 also encourages innovation and creativity among its employees through awards and other incentives to continually become better.

Palo Alto Networks

Wrapping up our list of the best cyber security companies is Palo Alto Networks. A very well known provider of cyber security solutions to threats, Palo Alto Networks is also one of the biggest at a market capitalization of at least $12.5 billion. The company provides a next generation solution to cyber threats.

This solution is drafted into three parts namely a Next Generation Firewall, Advanced Endpoint Protection, and the Threat Intelligence Cloud. All of these three services are meant to provide peace of mind to companies as they carry out their business online. Its firewall has a focus on providing control and visibility at the content, user and application levels of a firm. It also provides security against any threats that are posed on the company network.

These are the best cyber security companies at the moment. Many others such as Vericode, Trend Micro Inc., FireEye, and Fortinet exist but if one is looking for the best, then these ones are what to look out for owing to their high levels of expertise.

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