How to Watch BBC News Online Outside UK

BBC News was said to be one of the most popular news-related channels in the world, with over 348 million viewers per week. Many of these viewers are watching it on their TVs, however, there are many of them who would rather watch it online. In fact, the statistic shows that there’s up to 108 million people who would rather watch it online, which is almost a third of all the BBC’s viewers. Also, the number of people that are watching BBC in the US is about 48 million, which is proof enough that this is one of the channels that has become popular around the globe. Here in this guide, you will learn how to watch BBC News online outside UK.

BBC News Online Outside UK
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Watch BBC News online outside UK

If you’re living outside of the UK, you can still watch BBC News online outside UK, of course, but we should mention that all of the BBC channels provide only for the local audiences. What this means is that, even though you can get the channel itself via the channel finder, you still might have quite a problem when it comes to gaining access to BBC’s website. This is because of the geo-restrictions that many of the online content has, and which means that only certain regions, or rather people living in those regions, may have access to certain content.

However, there’s still a solution. All you need to do is use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). For this, we would recommend the use of TorGuard VPN, which is deemed as one of the best ones currently on the market. It will help you gain access to online content, but it will also help with keeping you safe and anonymous through data encryption, no-logging policy, and IP address masking. If you’re worried about setting it up, we have good news for that too – it’s really easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on TorGuard’s website
  2. Choose the package you want, download the app, and install it
  3. Log into the app, and choose a server from within the UK
  4. You’re now free to access any content that the users from the UK can access, including everything the BBC has to offer.

Bypassing geo-restrictions like this is what VPNs do best, and if you start using one, you will never again get the notice that something’s not available in your country.

Not only that, but using the VPN can even give you protection while using public WiFi, which means that you can access any of the online content from anywhere and anytime as safely as you would from your own home.

Watch BBC News on Kodi

There are many media players that are popular these days, but Kodi is definitely one of the few on the top, and using it to watch BBC News online outside UK or any other content is an amazing experience. However, if you wish to take full advantage of what this technology has to offer, you’ll need a good, fast, and reliable VPN. It will make sure that you have a stable connection, that you’re safe and that you’ll remain unharmed by any of the online threats.

There are several steps that must be taken upon downloading and installing Kodi if you wish to watch BBC on it, and we’ve prepared a guide for that as well:

  1. Open Kodi and find SYSTEMS in its main Screen
  2. Find the SETTINGS option under SYSTEMS
  3. Go to Add-ons on the left side
  4. Choose the option called Install from repository
  5. Choose Kodi Add-on repository
  6. Go to Video Add-ons
  7. Select iPlayer WWW option
  8. Hit the Install option
  9. That’s it, you now have BBC iPlayer on your Kodi

Watch BBC News on Mac

If you’re a Mac user, have no fear, you’ll be able to unblock the BBC iPlayer as well. You’re still going to need a VPN, that can be used to make the iPlayer think that you’re accessing the service from the UK.

All you need to do to achieve this is to download the BBC iPlayer from the App store, start your VPN and choose a UK server. You’ll now be able to watch the news on your Mac from any location.

BBC News on iPad and iPhone

A good news for all those who are using iPads and iPhones is that now they can download an app that allows streaming BBC News on their devices. The app can be found in the App store, and it has some really great user-friendly features. Of course, the users still need an iOS VPN in order to remain protected while watching the news. Fortunately, TorGuard covers many platforms and devices, and it can also be used on Apple’s iPhone and iPad. All you need to do is download and install the app, launch it with your VPN on, and that’s it, you can now watch the news live from your iPhone or iPad.

Watch the BBC News on Android

There’s even an app for Android users who wish to watch BBC News online outside UK, and it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. To stay safe, you need VPN on your Android as well, and TorGuard can still provide you with that service. Simply download the app, start your VPN, choose a UK server, launch the app and that’s it.

Watch BBC News on your PS3

Even PS3 console can now be used to watch BBC news, but the iPlayer will still only work if it recognizes you as the UK citizen. This is the problem for all those who don’t live in the UK, but the problem can be bypassed through the use of a VPN once again.

What you’ll need to do is download the BBC iPlayer app for your PS3, and then configure TorGuard on the console via the router connection. After that, it’s easy, you just select the BBC News channel and the live stream can begin.

The same process can be used for those who prefer the PS4, and even your XBOX. Of course, for the XBOX, you’ll need to sign up with the XBOX live account, whether is the Gold of Free version. After that, the process remains the same for both PS3, PS4 and XBOX users who wish to remain safe, and it all comes down to downloading an app and configuring the VPN through the router connection and using the UK server. That’s it.

As you can see, using the VPN is simple, but extremely important, since your safety is the most important thing, and you should never allow anyone to jeopardize it.

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