October 24, 2016 Batman returns on the web - hacker takes on Russian government

Batman Returns on the Web – Hacker Takes on Russian Government

Batman returns! This is not another sequel to the famous superhero epic movie by Tim Burton. The mysterious cyber activist is in the ranks once again. The U.S. FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had previously baptized him with the name “Batman of the Internet because of his sneaky tactics which he had just deployed recently on one of Russia’s government portals.

Batman returns on the web - hacker takes on Russian government
Credit: Kremlin.ru / Wikipedia

This online vigilante is out for vengeance. He calls himself The Jester and his mission is to intercept communication among terrorists. He had been very successful in sneaking into many jihadists’ websites and bringing to light all their terror plots. He is the inspiration behind the establishment of another cyber vigilante group called Anonymous.

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website was reported to have been breached by a hacker who is using multiple by-names on the Internet. It vandalized the agency’s website with a horrific message threatening the Russian government. The hacker had identified itself to be American.

The sound of American civil alert also screams to the ears of whoever went to the website to get information on Russia’s foreign affairs.

The motivation for this assault are the colossal denial-of-service attacks on several websites such as Twitter, Spotify and Seamless. Because of these attacks, Internet users were unable to enjoy the services of these entertainment and leisure sites for some time. The Jester only wanted to let the Russians know that America is not afraid and they are ready to put up a fight. He also boasts that he will end up triumphant in the end.

It had not been proven, however, that Russia is behind all those DDoS attacks. The agency’s website had now been restored contrary to the Jester’s hope that the authorities wouldn’t be able to fix the bug until the coming Monday.

People are suspecting that the FBI is ignoring the Jester’s plays through the years because it is greatly benefitting from its operations. He had impaired many terrorist websites and uncovered the groups wicked plans alerting ISP’s about their unconscious support of these fear mongers. With regards to the United States’ enemies of the state, the Jester confessed that provides intelligence to the U.S. government about these terrorists.

Nevertheless, the media admonishes the cyber vigilante to abort his mission. It doesn’t matter whether the FBI is supporting him or not. It is always dangerous to put yourself in a crossfire. Instead of becoming a hero, you might end up being the bad guy.

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