September 21, 2016 Backblaze Review

Backblaze Review

Backblaze started back in 2007. The service offers completely unlimited storage space, fast uploading and downloading speeds and very secure backup solutions. In this Backblaze review, we are going to discuss some selling points of the service since it was established.

Backblaze Review


  • Unlimited space for storing data.
  • The pricing plan of the service is affordable.
  • The service is one of the best when one considers the level of technology that they use to store client data.


  • You cannot use the service to backup application files.
  • You cannot share files when using the service.

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Backblaze has some of the most exciting features, even though most of these features are common in all cloud storage services. Interestingly, the company markets itself as a very high-tech outfit, with frequent posts about how it uses the most advanced systems to store the data of its clients. We think that this is merely a marketing trick since many other services use these systems.


It costs $50 per year to use the Backblaze service. One advantage of using this service is that you get unlimited storage space. This means that you can store in the cloud as much data as you may want to.

backblaze-review-priceBefore you pay the $50, you can try the service for two weeks. You can use the free trial period to make up your minds on whether you would like to use the service or not.

Disk Storage

Remember that Backblaze does not have an offline option for your files. Therefore, the files that you store in the cloud using the service remain available when you are online only. Also, Backblaze does not have the file sharing functionality. Therefore, you cannot share files with other users when using the service. We think that this is one of the most visible downsides of using the service.

Backup Solution

You can store an unlimited amount of data in the cloud when using this service. You can also restore our files when using this service. The uploading, downloading and restoring speeds are above the average.

Web App

Backblaze has a beautiful app for android and windows. You can use the app to upload or download your files. However, the service does not have an app for IOS. We hope that the service will have an IOS app as soon as possible.


backblaze-review-compatibilityBackblaze is compatible with all the standard operating system.


Three things define the level of security of Backblaze. First, the service uses the Advanced Encryption System (AES) to encrypt your data. AES is the most advanced method currently in use. As a result, this system is utilised by the best cloud storage services in the industry.

The second issue is that you can ask for private encryption keys used on the data that you store in the cloud. This arrangement gives you a leeway in influencing your level of security and privacy. In practice, many cloud storage services simply develop and keep the encryption keys without allowing the input of the clients. However, given that many individuals and companies are increasingly concerned with the security of the data that they backup with cloud storage services, this option is necessary.

Customer Support

We do not find anything peculiar about the customer support service of Backblaze. The support team responds to request in time and gives useful information. You can access the team members via the ticketing system. You may have to visit the FAQs section of the website first before you use the ticketing system. Solutions for most of the problems that clients experience when using the services are in the FAQs section.

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