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Five tips to avoid Malware while downloading software

avoid Malware
avoid Malware
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Has it ever happened to you that you searched for software on google and found a link and after all that wait you had you come to know you downloaded a malware (Yes, I know the feeling.) Malwares are meant to damage files and in some cases even damage the computer, they spread through many ways, and this is a major one. Just follow these tips to avoid malware.

Tips to Avoid Malware Online

  • Research:  First and the foremost thing you need to know what exactly are you looking for. The size of the item and the company making it is foremost. It is highly recommended to download the file from the official website but if you don’t want to be then careful about the size other sites are offering. Web sites such as file hippo, Softpedia, etc. are some major downloading sites to look for.
  • Find Trusted sites:  The most important thing is to know the number of trusted sites from where you can download files. Mostly the malware bearers capture what you search for and then redirect and create false link behind which hides a malware. You don’t know it till it is downloaded. So knowing the trusted sites is important. So to avoid malware, you need to should check for trusted sites.
  • Do the online scan: Online scanning is a useful tool to check file online. It gives you an idea whether your file is actually what you are looking for. The new antivirus programs come inbuilt with online scanning feature or you can visit any antivirus website for it. They are useful, and they can even block the site if the site has possible malware in them.
  • Be cautious:  Even after doing the online scan it can be a false result. The malware spreaders somehow manage to hide their malware. So it is not easy to avoid malware. If you use a download engine and when your download starts see at the size of the file. If it exceeds or is less than to what you know it should be by a large margin, abort the download.
  • Find the Correct Download Link: You may see multiple download links in one page and you get confused which one is the real one. Just keep calm and find the right one. No one can teach you that you have to do it yourself, and you will eventually get better.
  • Beware of adware: The malware is not only that can harm you the adware can do enough damage too. These hide in the false download links and when you click them a lot of popup takes over and trust me it is very annoying.


Lastly, if you want to stay protected while downloading or installing any software from the web, you need to follow these tips as well as other guidelines because these cyber-attacks keeps on developing with time, that’s why it is recommended to keep yourself protected from such risks.

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