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Avira Antivirus Review

Avira Antivirus Review

Avira Antivirus is one of the most common antivirus programs that are in the market today. In this Avira Antivirus review, I evaluate how the program performs regarding different needs.

Avira Antivirus Review


  • The free test version contains most of the basic features that you would require to assess the performance of the program fully.
  • The program installs very fast, compared to its rivals.
  • The pricing is relatively fair, compared to what you may have to pay if you decide to use its competitors.


  • The program takes a very long time to complete a full scan of a machine.
  • At times, tests have shown that the program is not able to fully block phishing links at all times.
  • The program has many features and the technical jargon on its interface may be confusing at times.

Full Avira Antivirus Review


Your Avira Antivirus runs in the background and continuously scans and detects any malware that threatens your machine. The program can detect such malware, isolate them and carry out concrete steps to ensure that your computer is completely safe. One of the things that I like about this program is that it has performed well in several tests designed and carried out to determine how efficient antivirus programs are.

Pricing of Avira Antivirus

Should you decide to purchase the full program, you will have to pay $32 a year. At this price, you get different additional features to the program. Further, you can customize the features using the settings of the program to make sure that it suits your specific computing needs.

Avira Antivirus Price


The paid version of the program has several plug-ins which work to enhance your safety. For example, the program has specific plug-ins that will protect your browser against any form of tracking. When you activate these plug-ins, you will ensure that no third party can track you. Also, you can use specific plug-ins to protect your browser against other different types of cyber attacks.


You can use this program to do some things. At the most basic level, you can scan your entire system at specific times to ensure that your system remains malware-free at all times. You can also schedule your scans so that you do not have to prompt the program to do them. This is in addition to the basic functionality of the program, which is to protect your machine from all types of malware.

Web App

The program has a highly functional interface. There is a small indicator which remains green when your system is fully secure, and everything is running smoothly. When something is amiss, the indicator turns red, and you simply cannot ignore it. There are basic tabs that allow you to scan your entire system at any given time, get help from the website of the company or even check the status of your subscription. You can also manage the way in which the program runs on your machine by adjusting a few settings.


Avira antivirus is compatible with several versions of Windows operating system. I have personally tried it on machines that run on Windows 7 and Windows 8; so far, I have found that the results are amazing. I am yet to try it on a machine that runs on Windows 10 (I hope that Microsoft will extend the grace period for downloading it), but I gather that it works perfectly well on devices that use this operating system as well. Interestingly, the program still works well with Windows XP!

Avira Antivirus Compatibility

Payment Options

You will be required to pay for the Avira antivirus when you decide to purchase a plan. The company offers several plans based on either a single machine or several machines. You will be required to provide your preferred payments details the moment you decide to make the purchase. In practice, the company will prompt you to do so after the one-month trial period elapses. You can pay for your antivirus protection using any of the common payment methods. You may use your PayPal account or simply use your credit card to pay for the program.

Customer Support

I find it interesting that when you choose to use Avira Antivirus Free, you will not have to register in any way. I think that this is a big difference between Avira and other antivirus programs. In the case of the majority of the programs, you will have to register with your email even if you decide to use the free version of the program for some time. Once you make a purchase of the program, you will have access to the support services that the company provides for its clients.

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