Amazon Web Services Bids on AWS Shield to Protect Clients

Amazon Cloud Services, the computing arm of the Amazon Inc, has released a new security feature called AWS Shield. Amazon says that AWS Shield will help to protect clients against common Distributed Denial of Service attacks (DDoS).

Amazon Web Services Bids on AWS Shield to Protect Clients
Credit: aws.amazon.com

According to Werner Vogels, the CTO of AWS, AWS Shield is expected to provide advanced protection to clients in two main ways. First, the feature will continuously monitor all inbound traffic to websites. The feature will then constantly analyse traffic to detect any malicious traffic. Second, the feature will use advanced techniques to palm away any sophisticated DDoS attacks.

Recent Attacks

AWS Shield comes at a time when there are renewed calls for the use of more advanced forms of protection against DDoS. Last week, a massive DDoS attack successfully jammed popular websites such as PayPal and Twitter. Many popular websites went offline for a few hours before they were restored. Although the world is yet to learn what exactly happened, the fact that several popular websites were successfully jammed as a result of a DDoS attack shows how important this form of attack still is.

Two Options

When using AWS Shield, clients will have two options. At the basic level, AWS Shield will give clients basic protection against low-level forms of attacks. This feature will be activated automatically for every client. The feature will then scan traffic to detect what comes from hackers. To achieve this objective, AWS Shield will rely on its database of complicated algorithms to determine whether traffic is genuine or malicious.

For the second option, AWS Shield will rely on its complex capabilities to protect clients against equally sophisticated forms of DDoS attacks. To this end, the feature promises to protect clients against well-coordinated attacks like what occurred last week.


Pundits believe that the new development by Amazon is likely to trigger a similar move by competitors. This is likely to be the case, given that many businesses are opting to use public cloud computing services instead of building and operating their data centres. Given that many companies are looking for cloud storage services, providers of the service are likely to develop advanced security features. More so, security remains the most important concern for users of cloud storage services. Therefore, it is likely that the introduction of AWS Shield is the first in a series of new developments to come soon.

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