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Accessing Blocked Torrent Sites in the UK

accessing blocked Torrent sites in the UK
accessing blocked Torrent sites in the UK
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Although we do not support piracy “per se” but we do believe in the concept “freedom of internet”. So you be the judge if you should be using Torrent or not, whether it is legal and moral and what are the security risks associated with Torrenting. Besides the illegal use of Torrent, there are some legitimate uses of torrent sites as well. Because you are all adults and you should be able to decide what is in your best interest. So, here I am going to tell you what you can do for accessing blocked torrent sites in the UK, even when your ISP has done its best to block the access.

Torrenting, what it is?

Torrenting is a process of downloading files but instead of getting the file from just one server, the data is sourced in pieces from people’s computers across the world. In simple words, it is called Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing. To carry out the above-mentioned task of file sharing. Generally a torrent client is a setup on your computer which enables the download and distribution of the file at the same time. Downloading in this way avoids overloading a single server and is used for downloading videos and music.

How to use uTorrent or Bittorrent

Downloading from torrent is not like downloading a driver for your PC and torrent sites does not show up in the Google search as well. To put it in simple words your ISP has probably blocked the access to popular torrent sites like Pirate Bay.

This is why you need to have a VPN connection that will bypass your ISP and will grant you access to the torrent sites. You will also need a torrent client like BitTorrent or uTorrent to download the torrent files.

Accessing the Pirate Bay

In the UK most ISPs will not allow you to access Pirate Bay through the simple search bar, and this is where VPN comes into the picture. One of the easiest ways to gain access to the torrent sites is to use the Hola browser extension for Chrome, then go to the link of Pirate Bay. Other than this method you can also change your router’s DNS settings and bypass your way to the torrent site.

Using VPN for accessing blocked Torrent sites in the UK

The most efficient method to help you in gaining access to the torrent sites is the use of VPN service. A VPN service enables a computer to share data across shared or public networks as it will share data while connected to a private network. So in return, you get the functionality, management and security policies of a private network via a virtual point-to-point network.

A VPN creates a tunnel between the user and site which the user wish to gain access to, rendering you out of the clutches of your ISP. Thus, the VPN gains you access, and ISP is not aware of who or where you are.

Recently Opera browser launched their new service named as Opera Turbo mode. The Turbo mode is intended to gain you faster access to the websites, but it does so by re-routing all your web traffic through Opera’s servers. This creates a VPN or a Virtual Private Network of its own. Soon an update to the browser will bring this free VPN functionality into action, right now it is available in the developer beta version of the browser.

Using Pirate Browser for Accessing torrents from the Pirate Bay

Another easy way for accessing torrents is to use the PirateBrowser which is offered by The Pirate Bay. The browser also incorporates VPN functionality, thus creating a virtual tunnel like the Opera Turbo mode. The Pirate Browser is a modified version of the Firebox Browser.


In this post, I explained several easy ways for accessing blocked Torrent sites in the UK because ISPs in the UK does not allow access to Torrent sites. Hope my attempt will help you out in gaining access to the torrent sites while safeguarding your privacy and security at the same time.

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