Access P2P File Sharing Sites Safely – A Detailed Guide

P2P file sharing sites allow you to access all manner of content free of charge. You can download your favourite movies, music videos and other types of content from these sites at no cost. Given the open nature of P2P file sharing sites, it follows that you face many dangers when you access the sites. The following is a detailed explanation of how you can access P2P file sharing sites safely.

access P2P file sharing sites safely
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Dangers of P2P File sharing sites

All the risks that you face when you use file sharing sites fall into three broad categories. The first category relates to attacks from cyber criminals. Black hat hackers and other cyber criminals populate many file sharing sites. The criminals are continuously looking for IP addresses of users. They then use the IP addresses to launch sophisticated attacks.

  • When you use P2P sites, everyone else can see your IP address as well as the content that you are downloading. This feature of P2P sites is a disadvantage because it leaves you at the mercy of criminals. By quickly accessing your IP address, criminals can tell your location and identity. Therefore, using P2P sites exposes you to criminals.
  • The second danger of accessing P2P sites relates to malware programs. You should bear in mind that the business of infecting computers with malware is highly active in the dark web. Interestingly, the malware industry inhabits the dark web but always operates on the internet. It is on the web that individuals who spread modern types of malware programs identify their potential victims and mount sophisticated attacks.
  • P2P file sharing sites form an important hunting ground for individuals who spread malware. Given that everyone can see the IP addresses of the other users, hackers can quickly identify the IP addresses of their targets. Also, it is easy for hackers to plant malware programs on files and then to wait for users to download the files.
  • The forth danger of using P2P file sharing sites relates to the activities of copyright holders. Parties that hold copyrights can create fake files and upload the files and make them available on P2P files. When you download the fake files, you expose your details to the copyright holders. Although the copyright holders may not harm you, they end up getting details about your identity and even online behaviour.

How to access P2P file sharing sites safely

The best way to remain safe when accessing P2P file sharing sites is to use a VPN. A VPN helps to protect you in several ways. Here is a breakdown of some of the most important things that a VPN does that keep you safe to access P2P file sharing sites safely:

  1. A VPN hides your IP address

Your IP address is the most important aspect that reveals your identity. Hackers use your IP address to determine your geographic location as well as identity. However, a VPN hides your IP address. Any good VPN service gives you the chance to choose your preferred server location and, by effect, a different IP address.

You can use any IP address to access a P2P file sharing site. The IP address that you use if hypothetical and therefore, hackers cannot trace it back to your real identity. Therefore, using a VPN service helps you to remain safe when accessing P2P file sharing sites because it hides your true IP address.

  1. A VPN service encrypts your data

Some VPN services use sophisticated encryption protocols to encrypt your traffic. Traffic encryption is useful because it makes it impossible for hackers to access your data. It is, therefore, wise of you to choose a VPN service that uses highly advanced encryption protocols.

In addition to protecting you from hackers, a VPN service that uses strong encryption protocols protects your browser and guards you against online spies. Owners of copyrights find it impossible to access your details when you use a VPN service that has strong encryption procedures.

  1. A VPN service protects you from malware

Remember than many P2P sites are hotbeds of malware programs. Criminals are looking for potential targets for their different types of malware, viruses and other forms of worm. Given the free nature of files that exist on P2P file sharing sites, you need a kind of protection when you visit the site. A VPN service can complement your internet security software and keep you safe from all forms of malware on these sites.


In conclusion, you can use a VPN to access P2P file sharing sites safely. A VPN hides your IP address, and this makes it difficult for criminals to obtain your details. Moreover, a VPN encrypts all your traffic. By encrypting your traffic, a VPN helps to hide all your credentials and keep you safe on these sites.

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access P2P file sharing sites safely

Access P2P File Sharing Sites Safely – A Detailed Guide