Access Blocked Websites with Ease – Top 10 Methods

We all want to have an internet experience that is without limits. However, firewalls have been set up everywhere making it hard to enjoy that freedom. Luckily, the internet is now awash with methods to access blocked websites with a few clicks. We have chosen 10 of these methods for you to make use of. Here they are:

Access Blocked Websites
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Short URL Redirection

The firewall that keeps you from paying a visit to a certain site knows the actual address of the site. However, when you change the address, you fool the firewall into thinking it’s another site altogether. Shortening the URL will allow you unblock blocked websites. There are certain services that shorten the URL for you including SnipURL and MooURL. They are both free to use.

Using VPN and Proxy Servers to access blocked websites

These two will mask your identity such that you surf anonymously. There are many free versions of VPNs and proxies online for use in anonymous surfing.

Wayback Machine

The Wayback Machine is an internet archive that keeps copies of websites from as far back as when they were started. You can thus unblock geo-restricted sites using this method. The firewall will be blocking the most recent version of the site while the Wayback Machine keeps older versions that can seep through the wall. It is not a guarantee that it works but it has a high success rate already.

The Use of Proxies in Browsers

All the major web browsers have a way of allowing you to access blocked websites using a proxy. To use them, you should download the proxies for your specific browser from the web. The new Opera browser comes with a way to surf with a proxy and will not need a plugin as such. These plugins cost nothing to use.

RSS Feeds

Rather than actually visiting the website or having to unblock blocked websites, you can employ the use of RSS feeds from these sites. In this way, they will be sending you any content that they upload to their pages to your email address. Given that almost every site sends out RSS feeds for those who wish to keep up to date with its content.

Web pages as Email Messages

Did you know that you can unblock geo-restricted sites by having the website owners send you the whole website into your email inbox? That is possible if you sign up for the service rather than trying to hack into a website. To do this, you just need to send an email message to www@web2mail.com while having the URL of the site you need as the subject. It is that easy.

Using Language Translators

While you may be barred from accessing a certain website, one way to access it is to use an online translation service. Most people know of Google Translate but there are many others such as AltaVista Babelfish. You simply translate the URL into your language of choice after choosing a foreign language as your source language. That is how to access blocked websites.

Surfing with Anonymity

There are many sites that allow users to visit them without being made visible online. They are called proxy websites and they are favorites for those who never want to be found online. If you are lucky enough to have the website you desire packed with these features, you are in for luck. All your surfing will be anonymous and it is just like using a VPN server.

Use of the Google Cache

When one goes online, there are cached versions of the website that exist. This is true especially for search engines such as Yahoo and Google. When you search for a site such as Facebook, for example, there will be presented with a cached tab at the research result of the home page. If you click on that button, you will be able to access the site with ease.

Switching the URL with the IP

You can also replace the URL of the site with the IP of the site you need to visit. The firewall will be working to block the URLs stored in it. If you want to go to Facebook, typing any link with Facebook.com will alert the firewall and it’ll lock you out. You can use the Command Prompt or the Terminal to check the site you need.

In conclusion, these methods give you the directions on how to access blocked websites without incurring a cent on your end. They rarely disappoint the users.

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