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Best Online Virus Scanners – A List of 7 Best Scanners

best online virus scanners

Online virus scanners are a better alternative to the traditional antivirus programs. Online virus scanners work by scanning your entire computer for viruses, worms and other types of malware. The programs then deal with all the threats that you face from all forms of malware that may be present on your computer. You will find many best online virus scanners. All the online virus scanners share one characteristic: you do not have to install them on your computer. Primarily, online virus scanners provide an effective and fast method of detecting and removing all forms of malware programs on your computer.

best online virus scanners
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7 Best Online Virus Scanners

Here are seven best online virus scanners that you can use to protect your computer from common as well as new types of malware programs:

1. Eset Online Scanner

Eset is a common brand name in the internet security industry. The company behind the brand name has been building and marketing a range of internet solutions products. In the recent past, the company has developed a very effective online virus scanner tool. The tool works like any other online virus scanner; users should have administrative rights to use it.

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Once you get administrative rights, you can use the online tool to scan your system. The tool scans every part of the computer system to detect any form of antivirus that may be hiding in your files.

2. FSecure

FSecure is another one of the best online virus scanners program. As it is the case with the other common online virus scanning tools, FSecure is a free service. As long as you get access to the tool, you can use it to scan your computer successfully. The tool is also very effective in removing all forms of malware that may be hiding in your computer files. For you to access this tool, you have to configure your device to use its specific protocols. You need to bear in mind that setting up your device to use FSecure is different from downloading the common FSecure antivirus program and installing it on your device.

3. Virus Total

One of the things that make Virus Total one of the most common online virus scanners is the ease of use. Unlike many of the other common online virus scanners, Virus Total makes the process of using online virus scanners quite straightforward. If you want to check the level of safety of a particular site, you can use the tool to scan the URL. By scanning the URL, Virus Total ensures that you only visit sites that are safe. Besides, you can use this tool to scan all the files on your computer.

4. BullGuard Virus Scan

It is interesting to note that in most cases, the companies behind many online virus scanners are well-established names in the field of internet security. A plausible explanation for this is that the many companies are still trying to figure out how to monetize the business of online virus scanners.

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Therefore, it is hard for new companies to rely on the model of using online virus scanners only for their commercial success. In the same vein, BullGuard Virus Scan is run BullGuard, the company that manages the BullGuard antivirus software.

5. Panda Active Scan

Panda Active Scan is a new type of online virus scanner. Like many other online virus scanners, Panda Active Scan belongs to a common brand name in internet security. In this case, Panda security, a common internet security brand, runs Panda Active Scan. For you to access Panda Active Scan, you must use the Panda Cloud Clean feature. You can access this feature from the website of the company.

6. BitDefender Quick Scan

This is another popular online virus scanner. One advantage of using BitDefender Quick Scan is that the tool works quite fast. When you access it, it only takes a few minutes to scan your computer fully. While scanning your computer, the tool successfully detects and removes any form of malware program in your system.

7. Trend Micro HouseCall

Trend Micro HouseCall is an effective online virus scanner that you can use to scan your computer in the place of the traditional antivirus programs. As it is the case with the other common online antivirus scanners, Trend Micro HouseCall is free of charge. Besides, you can use the service on several operating systems.

In conclusion, these are seven best online virus scanners. You can use any of them free of charge. Because of their features and mode of operation, these scanners are a wonderful alternative to using traditional antivirus programs.

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