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7 Best iPhone Security Apps – Stay Protect on iPhone

Best iPhone Security Apps

iPhones usually have sophisticated security features. However, you still need to use other applications to enhance your privacy and the security of your data. For you to manage your data better and safeguard your personal privacy the more, you need to use best iPhone security apps. There are very many applications that you can use. Whereas some will cost you, others are completely free. Your choice of an app depends on several things, the most important ones being the effectiveness and cost of the app.

Best iPhone Antivirus Programs
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Best iPhone Security Apps for 2017

Here are some of the best iPhone security apps that you can use on your iPhone:

  1. Keeply

Keeply is an exciting app that you can use on your iPhone to secure your data and privacy. The app lets you do some things that can help you secure your data and privacy the more. For example, you can use the app to generate fake pin numbers. Also, you can use the app to secure your photos and other forms of data that you store on your iPhone.

  1. Mynigma

You can use Mynigma to secure your email communications on your iPhone. The essence of Mynigma is that it encrypts all your email communications. At the basic level, your iPhone encrypts your communication at the iCloud level. This approach to encryption still leaves your vulnerable. Therefore, if you wish to secure your email communications the more, you may have to use this app on your iPhone.

  1. Mailbox Zeo

Mailbox Zeo does two things for you. First, it helps to organise your messages according to how important the messages are. Second, the app ensures that all your sensitive data are on the phone. Hence, the app helps you in two ways: it helps you concentrate on the most important messages while maintaining your data on your device.

  1. 1password

1password uses a highly advanced encryption protocol known as AES. The app uses the 256-bit version of AES to encrypt your data. Therefore, you can use the app to generate all the passwords that you need to use on your iPhone. The app is, by far, one of the best password managers that you can use on your iPhone. Remember that you will have to create one master password that you will be using to access all the passwords that your 1password app creates and stores.

  1. Any Good VPN

You may have to use any good VPN service to safeguard your data on your iPhone. A VPN service encrypts all the data that you send and receive when using your device. Besides, a VPN helps you to overcome geo-restrictions and access the content of websites, regardless of your location. In this case, once you install any standard VPN service on your iPhone, you will overcome all restrictions and access the content of any website. Besides, the VPN service will help you to bypass any form of internet censorship.

  1. Knock 2.0

This app gives you advanced access to all your Apple devices. For example, if you install this app on your iPhone, you can then use the iPhone to control your iMac. You can unblock your iMac by knocking on your iPhone twice. Therefore, this app gives you more control over your devices. You will, however, have to pay about $4 for you to install this app on your iPhone and use it control other devices.

  1. Lock It Up!

This is another popular app that you can install on your iPhone. As it is the case with Knock 2.0, Lock It Up! works by letting you control your other Apple devices remotely. Therefore, you can use this app to lock or unlock your iMac or other related devices. Therefore, when you use this app on your iPhone, you gain more control over your Apple devices. Interestingly, it costs less than a dollar per month to install and use this app on your iPhone.


In conclusion, these are seven of the best iPhone security apps that are available on the market. Whereas some of them require you to pay on a monthly basis, others are free of charge. Most importantly, all these apps help you to gain more control over your devices, secure your data and maintain your privacy when using your iPhone.

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