March 10, 2017 1Password Puts $100,000 Bug Bounty if you Hack Its Security Systems

1Password Puts $100,000 Bug Bounty if you Hack Its Security Systems

In a stint many say is focused on bragging about the quality of its services, 1Password has put up a bug bounty of $100,000 on its security systems. 1Password is known for the provision of security on terms storing the passwords of its users. For a company with this role, the quality of its services will depend on how much the public trusts it.

1Password Puts $100,000 Bug Bounty if you Hack Its Security Systems
Credit: 1Password website

To prove this, AgileBits, the company that brought us 1Password, has increased its bounty. Previously, the bug bounty was valued at just $25,000. However, this amount did not seem to attract the interest of bug bounty hunters. AgileBits then added a whole $75,000 to a grand total of $100,000.

Show of Might

The bug bounty has been put up on the crowdsourcing bug bounty platform BugCrowd. On this platform, many companies have bug bounties for anyone willing to try out their hand on the firms’ security systems. At the moment, 1Password tops the list in terms of the size of the bounty. Those who use this platform will be happy to know that their firm has just showed its might in the field of security.

Until someone breaks down the wall around this firm’s security platform, 1Password will keep the bragging right as the most secure password protecting service. Also, unless someone else puts up a bigger bounty than what 1Password has done, it will still remain the most secure firm in the minds of its users.

Jeff Shiner of AgileBits went on to say just how seriously they were taking their services with the customers. The increase in the size of the bounty, according to Shiner, is meant to show the users of the 1Password service that their service provider takes every attempt at their data with lots of seriousness. Recently, companies have been known put up bounties for white hat hackers to intentionally hack them.

Rather than having the vulnerabilities used for the wrong reasons, the hackers report them to the company for patching up. While it is a good exercise to keep the security of the firm in top class, it is also a sign of weakness if the firm has many security flaws. In the tech world, therefore, having a high bounty value will be a sign that the company cannot be hacked. Who wants to lose money to hackers?

Top Security Measures

This type of bug bounty has been focused on a single account through which the bounty hunters have to access the ‘bad poetry’ file. While the attack is a rare one which may not occur on the accounts of any users, the aim is to push the security aspects of the firm to the limit. If anyone can perform this hack, it would be a very skilled bug bounty hunter who has experience using the platform put in place by 1Password. So far, no one has done that meaning that the firm and its services are still secure.

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