October 6, 2016 Malware Types

7 Common Malware Types Today

Cyber criminals are increasingly developing new forms of cyber attacks against their targets. Emerging malware types are at the heart of new cybercrime attacks. Here is a description of 7 most common malware types in the world today.

Malware Types
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Rootkit malware is by far one of the most dangerous types of malware currently in existence. The programs usually hide deep in your system and evade many forms of detection. Besides, cyber criminals consider them as very useful tools of stealing sensitive personal information without arousing suspicion. Criminals use rootkit programs to copy personal information from devices silently. So far, one of the few effective methods of dealing with rootkits is to reinstall programs on a device from scratch.


These are special programs which criminals use to steal your sensitive data secretly. In practice, keyloggers capture your finger strokes when you are keying in your login details. They then send the information to criminals who are then able to log into your account and steal your details.

There are several special anti-keylogger software programs in the market. All anti-keylogger software constantly scans your system to detect the presence of keyloggers. Once they detect the presence of the malware, they neutralise the threats and keep you safe from future attacks.


Spyware programs monitor your online activity and gather data which they send back to their creators. The programs usually attach themselves on your browser and record every activity that you carry out when online. For instance, the programs may record all the sites that you visit and the amount of time that you spend on every site.

They then send this information to their creators. Their creators then use the information to send specific advertisements that match your online habits to you. Many antivirus programs have the capacity to detect and block spyware. More so, you may install any reliable type of antispyware program on your device.


Adware programs channel annoying advertisements to your browser. When adware programs infect your browser, you will see very many popup ads on your screens. The popup ads interfere with your browsing experience since they make it impossible for you to click on anything without clicking on them.

Two, the popup ads may lead you to download other potentially harmful programs. In practice, many antivirus programs have anti-adware capabilities. However, you may consider using special anti-adware programs to block all manner of popup ads from appearing on your browser.


Worms remain some of the most common and dangerous malware programs today. Criminals use worms for one main purpose: to damage the operating system other functional software programs running on devices. Therefore, worms crawl through your system and attach themselves to all the programs that you use.

The more you use the worm-infected programs, the faster you allow the worms to destroy the programs. Thus worms tend to eat up the operating system and any other programs on your device that you use on a regular basis. Although worms are very harmful, it is easy to destroy them. Any standard antivirus program can easily detect and destroy worms.


Trojans remain some of the most dangerous malware programs currently in existence. It also attached themselves to programs running on your device as it is the case with worms. However, Trojans do more than simply destroying your files. For example, Trojans can help criminals to steal your confidential information and, therefore, put you at the mercy of hackers and other types of cyber criminals.

In addition to compromising your online security and privacy, Trojans destroy your computing resources and end up paralyzing your device. Since new types of Trojans are always emerging, it is important to take your security very seriously. It is necessary to not only use an up to date antivirus program but also use any other additional antimalware program that has been shown to be effective in fighting specific types of malware, including Trojans.


Perhaps this is by far the most intriguing form of malware in the current times. Criminals use sophisticated processes to  hijack your computer and then lock you out of the system until you pay them ransom money. The nature of this malware type and the potential damage that it can cause make it one of the most feared types of malware today.

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