Smart DNS proxy server, also known as a Smart DNS, is a server that enables users to unblock geo-restricted content and websites. These Smart DNS services and programs under the umbrella of Smart DNS technology grant access to popular websites. Also, services which have blocked anyone from outside of their region, individual countries, from using and viewing their offerings.

The Smart DNS acts in as a middle man. We’ve had the pleasure of using just about every Smart DNS provider on the market along with VPN services. After years of comparing services, we feel confident in suggesting you the given top 10 SmartDNS providers. Below you will find our list of the top 10 Smart DNS providers with their pricing details.

Top 10 Smart DNS Providers

Rank VPN Provider Price Detail Website
1 UnblockUS $4.16/Month UnblockUS Review Visit UnblockUS
2 Overplay $3.12/Month Overplay Review Visit Overplay
3 CactusVPN $2.28/Month CactusDNS Review Visit CactusVPN
4 Unlocator $3.54Month Unlocator Review Visit Unlocator
5 Unotelly $3.94/Month Unotelly Review Visit Unotelly
6 BlockLess $4.16/Month BlockLess Review Visit BlockLess
7 HideIPVPN $3.24/Month HideIPVPN Review Visit HideIPVPN
8 StrongDNS $4.16/Month StrongDNS Review Visit StrongDNS
9 SmartDNS Proxy $8.25/Month SmartDNS Proxy Review Visit SmartDNS Proxy
10 Smarty DNS $4.99/Month Smarty DNS Review Visit Smarty DNS

Note: We suggest you sign up for the free trials first. Ensure the Smart DNS you choose meets your requirements. From there you can purchase and enjoy the advantages of service at home and around the globe.

A Virtual Private Network in short VPN is the middle man between the internet connection and your device. It is helping you out to remain you secure and anonymous your browsing to its best. Actually, the importance of purchasing to a paid VPN has been appreciated over time. Reports prove the significant boost in the number of people using VPN for connecting the internet.

But, not all the VPN service providers available on the internet being reliable and providing qualitative services to the customers. This is the aim it is vital that we recognise the variables that add to the overall quality ethics of a VPN service. So, join us in our mission of the top 10 VPN providers to use. We examine them and point out their merits over the other VPNs in this challenging market.

Top 10 VPN Providers

As per the basis of variables like privacy, number of the servers available, protocols offered by VPNs, encryption, and the customers support – behold our table with the top 10 VPN providers below:

Rank VPN Provider Price Detail Website
1 HideMyAss $6.55/Month HideMyAss Review Visit HideMyAss
2 ExpressVPN $8.32/Month ExpressVPN Review Visit ExpressVPN
3 IPvanish $6.49/Month IPVanish Review Visit IPVanish
4 VyprVPN $6.67Month VyprVPN Review Visit VyprVPN
5 PureVPN $4.16/Month PureVPN Review Visit PureVPN
6 CactusVPN $4.99/Month CactusVPN Review Visit CactusVPN
7 NordVPN $4/Month NordVPN Review Visit NordVPN
8 Hide.Me $5.42/Month Review Visit
9 Buffered $8.25/Month Buffered Review Visit Buffered
10 TorGuard $4.99/Month TorGuard Review Visit TorGuard

Note: We highly recommend to choose HideMyAss Pro or ExpressVPN because they are the top providers in the industry. However, you can choose your favorite one – because you have to select the best as per your requirements.

Cloud Storage comes in all forms and shapes. A straight comparison between top 10 cloud storage providers is often hard because they focus on various aspects of the service. Frequently folk will base their choice on the amount of free storage. But, this is only a single element that you might want to think about. Many services will include free storage, but if you are backing up media and photos, this can run out speedily.

It is, therefore, worth searching ahead to see how much you’ll have to spend, and how much storage it will get you. Apart from that, you should search for what OS are compatible. Plus, whether you will be able to use and backup files from more than single machine. If you’re working on files at the office or at home, for example, this may be vital.

There are few companies or the given top 10 cloud storage providers that have managed to combine an easy to use user interface with powerful security and a reasonable price. You are sure to have to make a trade-off, subject to what criteria are most important to you.

Below you will find a table of top 10 cloud storage providers in the industry right now, which definitely suits your needs:

Top 10 Cloud Storage Providers

Rank VPN Provider Price Detail Website
1 IDrive $3.72/Month (1000 GB) IDrive Review Visit IDrive
2 Microsoft OneDrive $1.99/Month (50 GB) OneDrive Review Visit OneDrive
3 Google Drive $1.99/Month (100 GB) Google Drive Review Visit Google Drive
4 Sync $4.08/Month (500 GB) Sync Review Visit Sync
5 Mega $4.99/Month (200 GB) Mega Review Visit Mega
6 Box $6/Month (100 GB) Box Review Visit Box
7 Dropbox $9.99/Month (1000 GB) Dropbox Review Visit Dropbox
8 BackBlaze $5/Month (Unlimited) BackBlaze Review Visit BackBlaze
9 CrashPlan $5.99/Month (Unlimited) CrashPlan Review Visit CrashPlan
10 Carbonite $5/Month (Unlimited) Carbonite Review Visit Carbonite

Note: Although we have created this table, but at the end, the CHOICE IS ALWAYS YOURS!

The word “antivirus application” stems from the early period of PC viruses, in which software were created to prevent and remove them from spreading. But, over the passive of time, different types of malware, often called malicious software, emerged as a threat to work and personal computer worldwide. “Malware” is a term which covered many types of malicious software, including PC viruses.

Although, antivirus created to fight new malware and prevent your computer from spreading the malware. There are 5 major types of malware:

  • Trojan Horses
  • Worm
  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Rootkits

The only way to stay secure on the internet or from the malware is to update your PC when impelled and to purchase 3rd-party antivirus services that protect yourself 24/7.

However, the most confusing part of purchasing an antivirus is searching the top service for your requirements. The best services are premium security suites that are comprehensive tools. These suites help you shield your computer from the most dangerous malware with a variety of protections and measures. We create a table of top 10 antivirus providers, which is below:

Top 10 Antivirus Providers

Rank VPN Provider Price Review Website
1 BitDefender $29.95 BitDefender Review Visit BitDefender
2 Norton Security $39.99 Norton Review Visit Norton
3 KasperSky $59.99 KasperSky Review Visit KasperSky
4 Avira $44.99 Avira Review Visit Avira
5 McAfee $59.99 McAfee Review Visit McAfee
6 F-Secure $39.99 F-Secure Review Visit F-Secure
7 Trend Micro $34.95 Trend Micro Review Visit Trend Micro
8 Panda $21.99 Panda Review Visit Panda
9 Bull Guard $17.97 Bull Guard Review Visit Bull Guard
10 eScan 29.95 eScan Review Visit eScan

Note: No matter which antivirus you choose as per your requirements, but our personal recommended antivirus is BitDefender Antivirus. The choice is yours!

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